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Prisme Toolkit - Define a collective vision


the context

a collective vision 

Trace the pathways 
of change

Define the 
activities and strategies


Defining a vision is a collective process, in which group members anticipate the future together. It is about giving meaning and direction from which we may reflect upon our actions. 

 Why this step? What is it about? How to do it? 

Animation kit (downloadable PDFs in French)

NB: For this step, like the others, the essential lies in the approach of collective reflection (debates, raised awareness…), rather than the results on paper in the end.

Tips and tools for animators

Visual supports for participants

Example productions

  • MESAD-RAEE-Partage (child education and self-promotion of their communities, Ivory Coast)
  • CFSI-RASDI-CapSo(strengthening the AlimenTerre network, France)
  • CACP-CMRP (intermunicipal territorial governance, partnership between local regional authorities, Haiti)
  • CCFD-ACORD (agroecology and land management, Burundi)
  • Date de publication : 2016