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What is PRISME?

PRISME is a four-year program led by F3E. It began in July 2014 for an initial phase of 18 months. A second phase of three years began in 2016. The program is implemented out by 28 organizations across 10 different countries (France, Ivory coast, Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo, Congo, Burundi, Comoros, Madagascar, Haiti), 14 of which are members of F3E (NGO and LRA).

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PRISME seeks to give innovative methodological solutions to actors that accompany immaterial dynamics, such as capacity development, institutional support, awareness raising, lobbying, and citizen education… Because these types of dynamics frequently raise the question: how do you plan and monitor a long-term process that seeks above all else to change actors (change professional practices, behavior, and relationships between actors…)?

Beyond methodological aspects, it is an approach that helps mobilize actors around a common vision and their evolve positions.

What does PRISME include?

1. Experiment innovative methodologies

PRISME accompanies 14 experiments in the global south and in France. Each time, tailor-made methodologies are developed to formalize a long-term vision of change and a monitoring system.

2. Capitalize

The 29 members of the program discuss the experience they have undergone. Particular attention is paid to the organizations implicated in the program appropriating the experiments, beyond the people involved in the program. The lessons learned are capitalized along the way.

3. Diffuse and multiply

A process of discussing and diffusing in the cooperation and international solidarity field is undertaken in collaboration with other actors in the sector. The French Development Agency (AFD) and the Minister of Foreign Affaires and International Development (MAEDI) are closely associated with the reflections carried out.

Who are the members of PRISME?


Today, where are we with PRISME?

The seminar to launch PRISME was held the 16th – 19th November 2014 (see here, in French).

Between October 2014 and November 2015, workshops were organized in each of the 15 locations so as to elaborate the “pathways of change” as well as change-oriented planning and monitoring systems.

This has allowed us to identify a few lessons, resumed in two notes in French (Note 1 in February 2015 and Note 2 in May 2015).

In July 2015, a second seminar was organized with the representatives of PRISME’s 29 member organizations. It allowed us to capitalize on the entirety of approaches put into action up until that moment (see here, in French).

In December 2015, these capitalization efforts led to the production of the “Change-Oriented Approaches toolbox.” It presents the Change-Oriented Approaches (COAs) and provides the necessary material to lead a “vision and pathways of change” workshop, step-by-step (six videos, a guidebook, and 40 resources to download, in French).

2016-2017, three regional workshops were organized on capacity developing between peers. In other words, the PRISME members, who have developed true expertise in COAs, collectively research responses to issues that individuals have confronted in the application of COAs:

  • May 2016 in Paris: a workshop for PRISME members whose experiments occur in France (see here)
  • September 2016 in Dakar: a workshop for PRISME members whose experiments occur in Africa (see here, in French)
  • January 2017 in Port-au-Prince: a workshop for PRISME members whose experiments occur in Haiti 


In addition to each of these workshops, trainings on COAs are organized and co-led by PRISME members and F3E.

In July 2017, a new collective capitalization workshop will be held.


Contacts: Delphine Vincenot and Bruno de Reviers


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