Monitoring and evaluating information and communication for development programmes (2005)

Author : Mary Myers

Organisation : DFID

Publication date : 2005

Language : English

Number of pages : 21

Format : Pdf

This guide on monitoring and evaluating Information and Communication for Development (ICD) programmes does not provide a set of rules, but dointroduce a range of approaches to choose from at various stages in a ICDprogramme. These programmes are : face-to-face communication or information activities ; community-level communications ; TV, radio, film and video ; Internet and email communications programmes ; telecommunications-based project. Guidance is structured around the programme cycle :

-* Section 1 – things to think about before you start
-* Section 2 – planning and budgeting
-* Section 3 – monitoring and evaluation at the start of your programme
-* Section 4 – methods for ongoing monitoring and evaluation
-* Section 5 – measuring impacts and outcomes at the end of your programme
-* Section 6 – introduces the tools of good practice
-* Sources of further information are contained in Section 7

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