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The program PRISME, led by F3E, experimented with change-management approaches. Workshops were organized in 15 different zones of action across 10 countries. With variations from one case to another, these workshops unfolded around 5 key steps: 1) Analyze the context; 2) Define a collective vision; 3) Trace the pathways of change; 4) Define the activities and strategies; 5) Organize monitoring

All of the necessary material to run a similar workshop (a “’Vision and Pathways of Change’ workshop”), step-by-step, can be found on these web pages. It is the fruit of an experimental program still underway, which is perfected overtime.

These pages are addressed to those who would like to facilitation this type of workshop. Before beginning, we invite you to discover the approach in its entirety:

What is it all about? What interest? What limits?

2. Implementing change (coming soon)

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