Guidance on Evaluation and Review for DFID Staff (2005)

Author : Evaluation Department

Organisation : DFID

Publication date : 2005

Language : Anglais

Number of pages : 89

Format : Pdf

This guidance will take you step by step through the practice of designing, managing, reporting on and responding to an evaluation. Good evaluation practice depends on a solid partnership between those commissioning and managing evaluation studies on behalf of their governments and agencies, and the consultants carrying out the work and producing the reports. This guidance is geared towards DFID staff but also attempt to assist all partners in thinking through their roles in the process.

– Chapter 1 : The changing context of international development and evaluation
– Chapter 2 : Basic ideas about evaluation in international development
– Chapter 3 : Types of evaluation
– Chapter 4 : Conducting reviews and evaluations in DFID
– Chapter 5 : Terms of Reference
– Chapter 6 : Evaluation teams — roles and skills
– Chapter 7 : Reporting _ Chapter 8 : Using evaluations — and sharing lessons
– Chapter 9 : Different stakeholders and their roles

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